Man Revives After 40 Minutes With No Pulse

John Ogburn, 36, suffered a heart attack while working on his laptop in Charlotte, North Carolina on 26 June, according to the BBC. Two police officers who happened to be nearby began CPR on the father-of-three within a minute of the 911

McDonald’s employee jumps through drive-through window to rescue unconscious police officer in Florida

A McDonald's employee in Doral, Florida, rescued a police officer on Tuesday after she became unconscious at the restaurant's drive-through window, according to a local ABC News affiliate report. Surveillance footage provided to Miami-based station WPLG shows the fast-acting employee, Pedro Viloria,

California’s Oroville Dam threatens floods, 188,000 ordered to evacuate – video

Over 180,000 residents were ordered to evacuate the area due to the possibility of failure of the alternate spillway at Oroville Dam. Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said during a news conference Sunday night that he had no choice but to order the evacuation. You can watch