Donald Trump wins the final state

Now Donald Trump has 306 electoral votes, while former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has 232, according to CNN. Trump has won the state of Michigan by a 10,704 vote margin, with the President-elect earning 2,279,543 votes (47.5%) and Clinton earning 2,268,839 votes

Governing United Russia Party set to win State Duma elections

The preliminary results announced in Moscow early on September 19 by Central Election Commission (CEC) show United Russia with more than 54.28 percent of the party-list vote, Radio Liberty reports. Candidates from United Russia, which is backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, also

Hillary Clinton makes history with U.S. presidential nomination

In a symbolic show of party unity, Clinton's former rival, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, on Tuesday told the chairwoman from the convention floor that Clinton, 68, should be selected as the party's nominee at the dramatic climax of a state-by-state

Donbas elections not possible until Russia retreats – Norway FM

Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Borge Brende, who is paying a visit to Ukraine, said that no elections in the occupied Donbas region are possible, until Russia fully withdraws it forces from eastern Ukraine, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to UA Today

October 24 is ‘day of silence’ in Ukraine on the eve of local elections

On the eve of local elections in Ukraine is ‘day of silence’, when any political agitation is prohibited from Friday midnight till 20:00 of Sunday due to the electoral law, to let the people cast their votes, Joinfo.ua reports. The law "On Local

Ukrainian PM told when Ukraine will be able to hold the elections in occupied Donbas

In its traditional "10-minute with PM" video Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that Ukraine, without a doubt, has to hold the elections in Donbas, which is under the control of the militants. And for this it is necessary to adopt a