Mother graduates after dropping out more than 30 years ago to care for her daughter

Karen Hunter and her youngest daughter Latrice will both graduate this month, obtaining bachelor's degrees from colleges in Virginia, according to ABC News. The moment is a long time coming for Karen Hunter, 53, who will be getting her degree in sociology

Mum banned her 10-year-old daughter from doing homework…and thinks you should too

Large amounts of homework can be a source of stress for kids – and one mum has finally had enough and has written to her child’s school to tell them. Mum-of-two Bunmi Laditan has struck a chord with parents after hitting out at

Canada schools and employers partner to curb youth underemployment

Within three years, the Toronto Financial Services Alliance (TFSA) – a public-private group aimed at promoting Toronto’s long-term competitiveness – is promising to create 10,000 new work-integrated learning experiences for students, according to The Globe And Mail. The initiative, dubbed Aspire and

New York Becomes Only State to Offer Free Four-Year College

The state's Excelsior Scholarship program will be rolled out in tiers over the next three years, starting with full coverage of four-year college tuition this fall for students whose families make less than $100,000, according to NBC News. The income cap will

Video Gaming Becomes a Scholarship Sport at University of Utah

The University of Utah will become the first big-time sports school in the US to offer scholarships for competitive video gaming, so far the most high-profile entry into collegiate esports, reports referring to Business Insider. Backed by the Salt Lake City school’s

New Jersey Teen Accepted Into All 8 Ivy League Schools

For one young woman in New Jersey it's a magical time. She was accepted to all eight Ivy League schools, plus, for good measure, Stanford, reports with reference to WABC-TV. "Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton and Stanford," said

Britain to scrap SATs because ‘they’re too much pressure on children’

The UK education secretary has unveiled plans for children to be examined without them realising they are being tested, reports with reference to Metro. Justine Greening has begun a consultation after the SATs for seven-year-olds got a heated reception from parents

Kate Middleton and Prince William send son George to 6,500 euros-a-term private day school

Prince George, aged three, will join Thomas’s, Battersea, in September, as he begins his journey into full-time formal education, reports with reference to Telegraph. The young Prince will attend the mixed-sex day school, which costs £5,653 (about $7,000) a term and

Toddler’s knowledge of grammar ‘explodes’ when they hit 24 months – study

Toddler's early grammar skills are not inherent but learned, research has found, reports with reference to Daily Mail Online. Children's ability to understand basic grammar early in language development has puzzled researchers for a long time, who were unsure if the

Ukrainian government simplified college entrance procedure for high school graduates from Crimea and Donbas

“The procedure has not been finalized yet, but we’ve got to give these children a chance to be integrated with the rest of the Ukrainian society,” minister for occupied territories Vadym Chernysh said in an interview to Ukrainian media,