Fossil DNA identifies the first seafarers in the Pacific Ocean

Polynesians were unmatched seafarers and conquered the expanse of the Pacific Ocean long before the Vikings reached Iceland, Greenland, and America, Joinfo.com reports with reference to ScienceNordic. An international team of scientists have now analysed four skeletons to map the genetic material

Just One Gram Of DNA Can Potentially Hold All The Data Stored On The Internet

However, DNA-based hard drives can solve that problem easily, as DNA-based storage techniques are truly revolutionary, Joinfo.com reports with reference to India Times. A report claims that researchers have invented a brand new approach to encode digital data within DNA, thereby creating

Biologists Plan to Bring the Woolly Mammoth Back to Life by 2019

CRISPR is a revolutionary gene editing technique that can modify any region of the genome of any species with high precision and accuracy, and it does so without harming other genes. Researchers have used this technique to cure sickle cell disease, fight famine,

Ukrainian scientist made a discovery that can help cure cancer

A young Ukrainian doctor Olha Brovarets has found the way pairs of chromosomes with mutations manage to deceive DNA and integrate into a spiral that causes the disease, Joinfo.com reports. 28-year-old Dr. Olha Brovarets made a unique discovery that will help fight against