Huge Diamond Fails To Sell At Auction Because It Is Too Big

Lucara Diamond has found the diamond in Botswana two years ago. It is called “Lesedi La Rona,” which means “Our Light” in the Tswana language spoken in Botswana, and has 1,109-carat, according to Bidding for the now historic tennis ball-size stone

$60 Million Pink Star Diamond Back To Be Auctioned By Sotheby’s

The oval, 59.60-carat, internally flawless, fancy vivid pink diamond is expected to exceed $60 million at the Sotheby’s auction, which would rank it among the most valuable diamonds ever sold, reports with reference to Rappaport. “At a time of unprecedented demand

706-Carat Diamond Unearthed By Pastor In Sierra Leone

A pastor working in the mines of eastern Sierra Leone has unearthed a 706-carat diamond, a discovery that experts said on Thursday could be the 10th largest stone ever found. The huge rock was extracted by Emmanuel Momoh, one of the thousands

Australian scientists created diamond that’s harder than diamond

According to the report,  a team of Australian researchers has just created a rare type of diamond that's even harder than diamond. This diamond is a version of Lonsdaleite, which has been found occurring naturally at the centre of a handful

Researchers learned how to make diamonds at room temperature

Researchers from North Carolina State University have discovered a new phase of solid carbon, called Q-carbon and developed a technique for using Q-carbon to make diamond-related structures at room temperature and at ambient atmospheric pressure, reports with the reference to