This spherical chess board uses magnets to change up the game

A design student named Ben Myers created the unique board with his father, according to The Verge. He posted his process on Instructables, noting that he made the board out walnut, soft maple, and Jatoba wood, which he measured out and

South Korean designer created a Free Hug Sofa

A Free Hug Sofa, created by Lee Eun Kyoung of South Korea, is made of soft material and has arms to hug you. This cozy chair is meant to bring you comfort, Mashable reports. “The long arm stretched out resembles humans and looks

Beautiful wooden clock writes time on a drawing board

Kango Suzuki, 22, a student at Japan's Tohoku University of Art and Design, designed an amazing automaton clock called Plock that writes the 24 hour format time on a magnetic drawing board, reports with reference to Mashable. Crafted using 407 hand-carved