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Sandra Bullock’s accused stalker was questioned unlawfully: appeals court ruling

A three-justice panel of the 2nd District Court of Appeal unanimously ruled Tuesday that police detectives violated Joshua James Corbett's rights to remain silent during a police interrogation, and his right against an unlawful search of his home, USA Today reported. Corbett

US appeals court panel rules unanimously against Trump travel ban

A federal appeals court on Thursday bluntly rejected President Donald Trump's attempt to revive his controversial travel ban executive order, giving no ground under unusual public pressure from the president himself, reports with reference to Politico. A three-judge panel of the

Dutch court rules Crimean gold artefacts collection returns to Ukraine

The collection of Scythian gold and other treasures from Crimean museums has been exhibited at the Allard Pierson archaeological museum in the Netherlands since early 2014, reports with reference to the Dutch media. While the exhibition was running, Russia annexed Crimea from