Montenegro: Russia involved in attempted coup

Milivoje Katnic said Montenegro officials have evidence that Russia's Federal Security Service was involved in the failed coup, according to his statements Sunday on Atlas TV. The allegation drew an immediate rebuke and denial from Russian officials, reports with reference to

Turkey sacks 15,000 education workers in purge after failed coup

Turkey has escalated its purge of government officials in the aftermath of the failed coup, with about 35,000 public servants affected by the end of the day despite a government spokesman insisting that the crackdown was being carried out in accordance with

Turkey widens post-coup purge, demands U.S. hand over cleric – Reuters

Turkey purged its police on Monday after rounding up thousands of soldiers in the wake of a failed military coup, and said it could reconsider its friendship with the United States unless Washington hands over a cleric Ankara blames for the putsch,

Turkey: military report 194 killed in quashed coup attempt

Turkey's acting military chief of staff Umit Dundar said 104 coup plotters had been killed and 1,563 arrested in a night of gunfire and explosions in Ankara, Istanbul and elsewhere, BBC reports. A further 90 people died and 1,154 people were injured