colombia plane crash

Colombian authorities said human error led to football team plane crash

The plane, operated by Bolivia-based charter company LaMia, crashed on a wooded hillside near Medellin because the pilot failed to refuel en route and did not report engine failures caused by the lack of fuel until it was too late, officials

Chapecoense Real fans gather for memorial service at stadium

Bodies of the victims arrived at the stadium in a procession through Chapeco after arriving from Colombia, reports with reference to BBC. Seventy-one people died in Monday's crash outside Medellin where the team was due to play. Six survived. The cause of

Colombia plane crash: jet ran out of fuel

The civil aviation authority confirmed Bolivian pilot Miguel Quiroga's final words to the control tower at Medellin's airport on a crackly audio obtained by Colombian media, Reuters reports. "When we arrived at the accident site and were able to inspect the remains

Nine Chapecoense players who did not travel with the team are coming to terms with the disaster at the club’s headquarters

The nine players who were not traveling with the team must now come to terms with the decimation of their club on the eve of what should have been its finest moment, Mirror reports. On Wednesday night, tiny Chapecoense were due to