Coffee Helps You Live Longer, New Study Shows

The good news comes to coffee lovers from researchers in two new studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The surveys found that drinking coffee increases longevity and prevents the risk of early death across various races, according to

Scientists Say That Caffeine Is Powerful Pain-Reliever

Coffee is full of surprises, and one more was uncovered this week by researchers from the Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH). According to Futurism, they found that coffee’s secret weapon, caffeine, and another stimulating chemical helped sleep-deprived mice deal with pain. They

Robot Barista Serves You Coffee And Saves Your Time

One robot barista has been serving coffee in Cafe X at the Hong Kong Science Park for a while now, but the first American kiosk opens today at the Metreon shopping center in San Francisco, after months of preparation,