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Stephen Hawking Makes Dire Warning About Climate Change

In an interview with the BBC coinciding with his 75th birthday, Stephen Hawking, the world's renowned scientist, has again predicted a not really good future for humanity. The physicist warns that the Earth may become an extremely hot planet in the

Huge iceberg about to break off Antarctica

In the coming weeks, a huge lump of ice is expected to break off from Antarctica, according to At around 5000sq km, it will be the third-largest iceberg ever recorded and could accelerate the demise of a massive ice shelf that,

Most Americans want ‘aggressive’ action on climate change: Reuters/Ipsos poll

The June 2-4 opinion poll suggests American voters may not penalize President Donald Trump too harshly for walking away from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, even if they would have preferred he keep the country in the deal, according to Reuters. The

Elon Musk to Trump: You quit Paris, so I quit you

"Am departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world," Musk said Thursday on Twitter, shortly after the US president announced from the Rose Garden that he would begin the process of leaving

Trump dismays, angers allies by abandoning global climate pact

Trump, tapping into the "America First" message he used when he was elected president last year, said the Paris accord would undermine the U.S. economy, cost U.S. jobs, weaken American national sovereignty and put the country at a permanent disadvantage to the

Sea Levels Are Rising Even Faster Than Previously Thought

Global sea level rise is precipitated by two factors: the thermal expansion of oceans due to warming and the increased melting of the polar ice caps and other land-based glaciers. Over the past century, sea levels have continued to rise, and new

Louisiana’s Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Disappearing Coastline

It's an effort to bring nationwide attention to the issue and speed up the federal permitting process for coastal restoration projects. "Decades of saltwater intrusion, subsidence and rising sea levels have made the Louisiana coast the nation's most rapidly deteriorating shoreline," WWNO's

2017 Is Set to Be the Hottest Year in Recorded History

It was the hottest year on record in 2014…and then again in 2015…and that’s right, you guessed it, again in 2016. For the third consecutive year, it was the hottest year in all of recorded history. Now, don’t dwell on these

Great Barrier Reef: Two-thirds damaged in ‘unprecedented’ bleaching

The bleaching - or loss of algae - affects a 1,500km (900 miles) stretch of the reef, according to scientists, reports with reference to the BBC. The latest damage is concentrated in the middle section, whereas last year's bleaching hit mainly

Trump signs order dismantling Obama-era climate policies

Flanked by coal miners and coal company executives, Trump proclaimed his "Energy Independence" executive order at the headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency, reports to Reuters. The move drew swift backlash from a coalition of 23 states and local governments, as