January’s must-see picks in entertainment, according to CineFix

The new year kicked off some great and some not-so-great entertainment online and offline. As CineFix says: “Lucky for you, we've rounded up our personal favorite shows, movies and documentaries that need some more loving. Start the binge-watch.”

10 of the Most Gorgeous Uses of Color in Film

Directors make so many filmmaking decisions that go unnoticed by casual viewers because we’re not paying close attention—but the use of color isn’t one of them. Color immediately stands out, as Gizmodo reports. Films can be hyper colorful and smack you with

CineFix releases their awesome version of Fast&Furious 7 trailer

“These little rascals are up to no good once again but this time, it's more fast and more furious than before. The famous franchise meets the radical rascals in this new trailer mix,” CineFix wrote in a description. They also provided a