Ukraine news today: Two soldiers were wounded in Donbas, MP Nadiya Savchenko intends to publish lists of POWs

Ukraine Crisis: Militants made 42 attacks, 2 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in Donbas on the night of January 6-7: Two Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in action in the Anti-Terrorist Operation area in eastern Ukraine, according to Ukrainska Pravda. In the Donetsk sector, militants fired mortars

A girl gets a double surprise for Christmas

The cat has sneaked out from the box as soon as it was open, and the girl looked stunned by the empty box. But when she finally spotted the cat, she was amazed. “Oh, hi happy cat!” she says. The mother of the girl

Taylor Swift made great Christmas present to her 96-year-old fan

Cyrus Porter, 96, said in an interview with his local TV news station in New Madrid, Missouri, that he is a great fan of Taylor Swift and her music. Porter is also a World War II vet, which apparently doesn't stop him from rocking

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” – Uber carpool edition

Whether you're in the mood for Christmas or not, if you are with him in the car, you can’t avoid the Christmas party. The guy hands out Santa hats and reindeer ears and turn on “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Yes,

Ronan Keating records special edition Christmas hit for Air New Zealand ad

The airline has hired none other than Irish singer Ronan Keating to record the Southern Hemisphere version of Christmas classic Winter Wonderland, according to The Sun. In the video, Ronan Keating appears alongside comical rising Kiwi actor Julian Dennison. He is recording

Ukraine celebrates Christmas Eve today

Christmas is a unique and festive family holiday among Ukrainians. On Christmas Eve families gather for the traditional Christmas Eve Holy Supper which begins when the first star appears in the eastern sky. The supper consists of a variety of twelve dishes cooked without meat and

Ancient Kyiv in the Kyivan Rus Park welcomes to the Middle Ages Christmas holidays

In the Ancient Kyiv of the Kyivan Rus Park you can see a real Christmas nativity scene recreated according to the ancient traditions, reports. Since the ancient times, nativity scene has been played by actors and common people. Park guests will see