Amazon Tribe’s Diet Is Best For Heart

The Tsimane people walk, ride bikes or canoe everywhere. Their staple foods are home-grown rice, plantains and corn. If they want meat, they go catch it. And they don't watch television, Joinfo.comreports with reference to NBC News. An 80-year-old Tsimane has about

‘Huge advance’ in cutting bad cholesterol to unprecedented levels

The results of the large international trial on 27,000 patients means the drug could soon be used by millions, reports with reference to the BBC. The British Heart Foundation said the findings were a significant advance in fighting the biggest killer

Extreme Calorie-Restriction Diet Shows Anti-Aging Results – Study

The idea that organisms can live longer, healthier lives by sharply reducing their calorie intake is not exactly new. Laboratory research has repeatedly demonstrated the anti-aging value of calorie restriction, often called CR, in animals from nematodes to rats—with the implication that