Shocking Video Shows Chilean Surgeons Stop Operation to Watch Football Match

Chilean authorities called for an investigation after a leaked video of surgeons of the University of Chile hospital stopping mid-operation to watch a series of penalties with the patient on the table, reports with reference to National Helm. The scandal was

Chile declared state of emergency and requested international help to fight worst in decades forest fires

Firefighters, forestry service personnel and members of the military were battling 18 separate blazes in the center and south of the country that have been fueled by strong winds and a heat wave, according to VoA. The largest has consumed 24,000 hectares

Powerful earthquake hits off Chile, tsunami warning issued

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck off the coast of southern Chile at 14:22 GMT Sunday. The epicenter was 39 km southwest of Puerto Quellon, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. CNN said that the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami