How Cats Used Humans To Conquer The World

A study in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution has revealed ancient feline skeletons and mummies from 9,000 years ago are evidence cats came from the region to the rest of the world, reports with reference to Daily Express. Initially cats

Larry the cat holds the fort outside Number 10 as country is plunged into chaos

Larry the cat has been spotted holding the fort, sitting proudly outside Downing Street. As the media waits for Theresa May to give a statement following the shock election result, Larry has sat in front of them as if he wants

Meet Omar, perhaps world’s longest cat and a new internet star

But now Omar, the 120cm (3ft 11in) Maine Coon from Melbourne, Australia, could be the world's longest domestic cat, reports with reference to the BBC. After the supersized feline found internet fame to match, Ms Hirst said Guinness World Records contacted

Meet Tihon, the giant Maine Coon cat who loves to cuddle

He’s a Maine Coon, so he’s naturally on the bigger side (the longest domestic cat Ludo, is also a Maine Coon), but he’s still impressively giant, reports with reference to Metro. At just six months old, he was already larger than a

YouTube Acquires Turkish Street Cats Documentary Film ‘Kedi’ for YouTube Red

“Kedi” will debut on YouTube Red on May 10, while it will continue its theatrical run in select locations throughout the year. YouTube reached the distribution deal with Oscilloscope Laboratories. The film has grossed $2.4 million to date in the U.S., per

Taiwan officially bans eating cat and dog meat

The bill also prohibits those using a car or motorbike from pulling their pets alongside them on a lead as they travel, according to the BBC. Anyone caught breaching the order faces a large fine or up to two years in prison

Meet Moshow, The Man Who Went Viral For Rapping About His Cat

According to Complex, the entire internet rejoiced in unison when this video of a guy rapping while giving his cat a bath went viral to the tune of 1.8 million views; a second cat-bathing freestyle clip is sitting at damn near five million

Pavlov’s Humans: Adorable video shows cats ‘training scientist’ to bring them food every time they ring a bell

A pair of kittens 'trained' a human to bring them treats every time they ring a bell. In a twist on the famous Pavlov's Dog experiment, where a canine was conditioned to associate food with the sound of a bell, some Twitter users

Lazy Cat Likes To Be Pulled By Remote Controlled Car – video

This fluffy cat clearly enjoys the ride. And she really couldn't care less. Watch it below:  

Cats like interacting with humans more than they like eating food, say scientists

You come back from work and there they are, ready to rub against your ankles. Sit on the sofa and they’ll be by your side purring like a vibrating hot water bottle. Go to bed and you’ll wake up with your feline