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Richard Hammond apologises to his wife after suffering broken leg in The Grand Tour supercar crash

Richard Hammond injured his knee after the car veered off the road and down a grass verge while filming The Grand Tour in Switzerland, according to The Telegraph. The host was taking part in a hill climb race on Saturday when the

Princess Diana’s death crash car was a ‘rebuilt wreck’ – and staff ‘had been warned it wasn’t safe’

Staff at the Paris Ritz hotel had been warned just two months before the fatal crash that the car was unsafe to drive at speeds over 37mph, according to one French photographer, according to Metro. Previous inquiries have concluded that chauffeur Henri

Watch a car crash into roof after driver accidentally steps on accelerator

A driver in Taizhou, China, lost control of his vehicle after swerving to avoid a head-on collision. He stepped on the accelerator instead in his haste and skidded off the road, reports with reference to AsiaOne. A CCTV video shows an SUV