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A New Cancer Treatment Has Given Terminal Patients a Second Chance at Life

Kite Pharma, a US pharmaceutical company, just released the groundbreaking results of their six-month gene therapy trial: terminal cancer patients in complete remission after just a single round, reports with reference to Futurism. The treatment filters a patient’s blood to

Sharks could be key to finding cure for cancer

Researchers with Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and Cornell University have reported in a new study in the journal BMC Genomics that key genes related to the shark's renowned immune system have changed with evolution, reports with reference to Seeker. Sharks are considered

Ukrainian scientist made a discovery that can help cure cancer

A young Ukrainian doctor Olha Brovarets has found the way pairs of chromosomes with mutations manage to deceive DNA and integrate into a spiral that causes the disease, reports. 28-year-old Dr. Olha Brovarets made a unique discovery that will help fight against