New Dwarf Primate Found in Angola

Researchers have detected the sounds of a previously undescribed species of dwarf bush baby deep in the African jungle, reports with reference to National Geographic. The team noticed one of the calls didn't sound anything like the 18 known species of

Fruit Diet Helped The Primates’ Brain To Evolve

The researchers think that the ancestors of human, also known as primates, used to live on a fruit-filled diet and thus developed a bigger brain eventually, reports with reference to The Science Times. According to BBC, previous studies had also concluded

This Deep Sea Monster Attaches Its Head to Its Neck in the Freakiest Way

That’s the conclusion of a study published this week in PLOS One, in which biologists Nalani Schnell and David Johnson describe a bizarre feature of the barbeled dragonfish, Gizmodo reports. The fearsome predator lives in a “twilight zone,” which is about