Amazing Manicure Ideas For Chinese New Year’s Party 2018

2018 is the year of Yellow Earth Dog, according to the Chinese Zodiac. As the festivities are coming, it is time to prepare your best outfit which will provide you good fortune and the best luck in the next year. Here's the thing.

Secret to ageing well: Third of younger looking women may have simply lived more sensibly – study

A study has found getting eight hours or more of sleep a night, taking a multi-vitamin and doing regular exercise all make women more likely to look younger, reports with reference to Daily Mail Online. But less organised women, who

Five beauty hacks to make you look twice as attractive

Most women know that makeup has the power to totally transform their look and confidence. But, according to experts, there's five specific beauty tricks every lady can employ to instantly make themselves twice as attractive in seconds, reports with reference to

How perceptions of beauty vary across the globe

The UK based Superdrug Online Doctor hired female graphic designers in 18 countries to retouch the same portrait of a woman to become more attractive to their culture. The shocking responses show the dramatic differences in how different countries perceive beauty, reports with