New Doctor Who To Be… A Woman

BBC One revealed the identity of the new Doctor Who today, according to Whittaker takes over the role of Peter Capaldi, who will step down from Doctor Who at the end of this year. The 59-year-old actor thinksit is “time to

BBC Presenter Tries To Be Serious During Interview, Forgets He Has Children

While talking about South Korea on BBC World News via webcam, Kelly got interrupted by his kids, reports with reference to Bored Panda. First, one of his kids ran in bouncing in joy. Then, a baby in a stroller rolled in

Oops! BBC presenters interview wrong man in embarrassing blunder – video

Embarrassingly, Burden and Kay thought British climber and former soldier Leslie Binns, 42 was with them in the studio, Mirror reports. But he wasn't, he was somewhere else. Binns is going to Mount Everest for a second