Barack Obama

Watch Barack Obama Kitesurfing on Vacation in Virgin Islands

Former US President Barack Obama's vacation appears to be going swimmingly. He's been spending time in the British Virgin Islands with billionaire Richard Branson, who posted video Tuesday morning showing the pair trying out new water sports and seeing who could go

Obama speaks out on Trump’s immigration order: ‘American values are at stake’

According to Business Insider, Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis released a statement saying that the former president was "heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country." "Citizens exercising their Constitutional rights to assemble, organize, and have their voices

Obama spends first day out of office playing golf in California

The former US President was pictured enjoying his first day out of office on the Porcupine Greek Golf Club course in Palm Springs, Evening Standard reports. Obama reportedly enjoyed a leisurely day at the gym and the private golf course owned by

The Obamas’ best pop culture moments

They rapped, they sang, they dropped the mic and did the Dougie. Perhaps no other president and first lady were more savvy about pop culture than the Obamas, ABC News wrote. From their television appearances to their viral videos, President Barack Obama

The Obamas will stay at ambassador’s place in Palm Springs – TMZ

The Obamas will be unpacking their suitcases late Friday at the abode of outgoing US ambassador to Spain James Costos and his husband -- an interior designer -- Michael Smith, who's been the White House's decorator since 2008, TMZ reports. The house

Obama frees Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning

The 29-year-old transgender US Army private, born Bradley Manning, will be freed on 17 May instead of her scheduled 2045 release, the BBC reports. She was sentenced to 35 years in 2013 for her role in leaking diplomatic cables to the anti-secrecy

Take a VR tour of the White House narrated by President Obama before he leaves forever

Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama act as tour guides on a narrated virtual reality tour of the presidential property on Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington DC, according to Metro. The tour features historical moments throughout the careers of America’s 44 presidents, as

Obama awarded Biden with Presidential Medal of Freedom – video

"For your faith in your fellow Americans, for your love of country and for your lifetime of service that will endure through the generations, I'd like to ask the military aide to join us on stage," Obama said in the ceremony, according

US President Obama considering pardon for Chelsea Manning

President Obama has put Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst serving a 35-year sentence for leaking classified material, on his short list for a possible commutation, a Justice Department source told NBC News. A decision could come as soon as Wednesday

US President Obama delivers emotional farewell speech – video

President Barack Obama called on Americans to unify in the face of what he characterized as "challenges to our democracy" in a sweeping farewell speech Tuesday night that served more as a call to action for the nation's future than a recollection