AirAsia plane passengers told to ‘say a prayer’ after engine ‘shudders like a washing machine and shuts down’

The Kuala Lumpur-bound flight turned back to Perth one and a half hours into the journey due to a "technical issue" and the Airbus 330 landed about three hours after departure, Joinfo.com reports with reference to The Telegraph. Passengers have been recounting

Weather in Phoenix is too hot for planes to takeoff

It is almost always hot in Phoenix, but today temperatures are expected to peak at 120 degrees fahrenheit, which has prompted some airlines to cancel flights out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The high temperatures alone aren't necessarily the culprit, but

Canadore College welcomes international students this summer

20 college-aged students have arrived to North Bay from Brazil to take English as a Second Language at Canadore College. After intense study in the morning, they will venture out into the community to enjoy sporting events, festivals, field trips and