No More Boredom: Hertz Presents Colouring-in Car To Entertain Kids During Family Travel

How many times you’ve been worried that your children will be bored during long family journeys in a car? Thanks to the rental company Hertz, your children will be happy even during a long trip in a fascinating Colouring-in Car.

Ferrari To Produce Its First SUV

According to News Monkey, a new model should double Ferrari's profit. Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Ferrari NV, said the company is going to bring its own SUV model to the auto market. Furthermore, Marchionne says the model that Ferrari launches in

New Tesla Model 3 photos leaked

The Tesla engineer driving the test vehicle didn’t seem to mind photos being taken and even mentioned that they were driving the vehicle home for the night, Teslarati reports. The Model 3 was