Large Asteroid Florence Will Safely Pass Earth on September 1, NASA Says

Asteroid Florence, a large near-Earth asteroid, will pass safely by Earth on September 1, 2017, at a distance of about 4.4 million miles, (7.0 million kilometers, or about 18 Earth-Moon distances). Florence is among the largest near-Earth asteroids that are several miles in size;

NASA fast-tracks mission to asteroid worth $10,000 quadrillion – which would crash the world economy

The 124-mile wide Psyche asteroid contains so much metal it would alter life on Earth permanently if we could drag it back here, according to Metro. NASA’s Psyche mission is now set to launch in 2022 – and will target a metal-rich

Watch Asteroid Fly By Earth Today

A relatively large near-Earth asteroid discovered nearly three years ago will fly safely past Earth on April 19 at a distance of about 1.1 million miles (1.8 million kilometers), or about 4.6 times the distance from Earth to the moon, according to