Woman Breaks $200,000 Of Art Trying To Take Selfie

In an effort to get the best view for the selfie, she accidentally pushed a pedestal and caused a domino effect, reports with reference to The accident happened at the exhibition “Hypercaine”' by British artist Simon Birch. The man needed

Basquiat painting sold for record $110.5m in New York

That is nearly double the price of his previous most expensive work, bought by the same person a year ago, according to the BBC. It has broken several other records including becoming the most expensive work by any US artist. It is also

Meet the artist creating beautiful pictures of pop culture icons out of trash

When Bernard Pras sees a pile of junk he sees opportunity. An old orange? Jack Nicolson’s forehead. Strips of rubber tires? Bob Marley’s dreads. That toy pig? Mick Jagger’s chin. The French painter, photographer, and sculptor has been creating portraits out

First-Ever Underwater Museum Opens in Europe

Museo Atlantico, the underwater museum is sprawling with statues of massive sizes located off the coast of Bahía de Las Coloradas (Coloradas Bay), on the south coast of Lanzarote. The sculptures are made of pH neutral materials and are designed to survive

Japanese artist makes biggest ink pen drawing ever

Manabu Ikeda, 43, has worked for 3.5 years, six days a week, 10 hours a day. The 3m wide and 4m long artwork is named “Rebirth”. It depicts the resurrection of the world after disasters as the tsunami that struck Japan in

The famous Kyiv sculptor creates masterpieces of rural houses

Oleksiy Alyoshkin moved from Kyiv to the remote village of Bukatynka, Chernivtsi district, Vinnytsa region, 36 years ago. Now the village in a museum in the open, reports with reference to "First I painted my house. Then - classes at