Ukraine General Staff to mobilize about 4,000 reserve officers for 18 months

The Defense Ministry announced details of the mobilization for reserve officers, who graduated military departments of universities but did not serve in the army, reports with reference to Ukrainska Pravda. The relevant comments appeared on the website of the Defense Ministry of

UK military to build prototype ‘laser weapon’

The aim is to see whether "directed energy" technology could benefit the armed forces, and is to culminate in a demonstration of the system in 2019, the BBC reports. The contract was picked up by a consortium of European defence firms. The prototype

Russian army holds exercises aimed at isolation of Baltics from NATO and makes training nuclear attack on Warsaw

The last Russian military maneuvers indicate offensive workouts. All recent exercises held in the country had such character. The Russian army has carried out, in particular, the simulation of a nuclear attack on Warsaw. It was stated in the report of the British