Apple has patented edgeless screen for next-generation iPhone with heads-up windows

Apple has just patented a method by which various components can be mounted behind perforations (or invisible tiny holes) in a device screen. This arrangement would allow engineers to design a smartphone or tablet with a true edge-to-edge display, Appleinsider reports. Apple

Apple removed app that let you find your AirPods

One of the biggest problems for Apple’s AirPods is finding them if you lose one down the back of a couch. A $3.99 app that launched last week named “Finder for AirPods" aimed to fix this problem, but Apple, for some reason,

‘Hello, it’s me’: Woman buys new iPhone and gets Adele phone number in her phonebook

The 31-year-old British woman bought a new iPhone 5S a few months ago and got contacts of many celebrities in her phonebook for free, News Monkey reports. "The phone was brand new. But suddenly I had access to hundreds of people’s numbers,"

Apple to announce iPhone 7 on Wednesday

At its annual product launch in San Francisco on Wednesday, the world's most valuable publicly traded company is expected by blogs and analysts to reveal an iPhone without a headphone jack, paving the way for wireless headphones, a touch-sensitive home button that

FBI cracked terrorist’s iPhone without Apple

Although the government officially withdrew from its battle against Apple Monday, many observers sense the tech privacy war is just getting started, USA today reports. "This lawsuit may be over, but the Constitutional and privacy questions it raised are not," Congressman Darrell

Apple vs FBI: Judge denies government’s request to unlock iPhone

A federal judge in Brooklyn, New York denied the U.S. government's motion to compel Apple Inc. to provide access into an iPhone used in a drug case, according to court documents released on Monday, Reuters reports. The government sought access to the

Apple calls to form commission on encryption issues

On Monday February 22, Apple Inc proposed to create a government commission or panel of experts on encryption to help resolve the standoff over national security and data privacy that began last week after the technology company refused a U.S. government demand