Huge Iceberg Broke Off Antarctica

The iceberg weighs more than a billion tons and covers an area of 6,000 sq km, which is more than half of Cyprus area (9,300 sq km), reports with reference to NewsMonkey. These are impressive statistics, but still, scientists say it

Huge iceberg about to break off Antarctica

In the coming weeks, a huge lump of ice is expected to break off from Antarctica, according to At around 5000sq km, it will be the third-largest iceberg ever recorded and could accelerate the demise of a massive ice shelf that,

UAE plans to drag an iceberg from Antarctica to provide drinking water for millions

One company in the United Arab Emirates has come up with a bizarre plan to provide drinking water for the state's citizens. The firm intends to haul icebergs from Antarctica to the gulf coast in order to harvest its billions of gallons

Biggest iceberg ever is ready to crack off Antarctica

A rift, slowly developing across the Larsen C ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula in recent years, expanded abruptly last month, growing by about 18 km (11 miles). It is now more than 80 km long with just 20 km left before