Green Tea Could Prevent Memory Loss and Obesity, Study Finds

A new study reveals that a molecule of Epigallocatechin—3-gallata (EGCG) contained in green tea could even protect against insulin resistance - which is one of causes of type 2 diabetes, according to Daily Express. Scientists have looked in to the effect on

Scientists found brain ‘wonder-drug’

In 2013, a UK Medical Research Council team stopped brain cells dying in an animal for the first time, creating headline news around the world. But the compound used was unsuitable for people, as it caused organ damage. Now two drugs have

New diet decreases your chances of getting Alzheimer’s

Rush University researchers say they have developed a diet which is the only one proven to have an impact on Alzheimer’s disease, according to Fox 32 News. So now, they're asking people to volunteer for a new study to determine just how

This robot can help Alzheimer’s sufferers by acting as a friend

’Mario’ can help them to find their keys and keep their mind active. The robot is designed to stave of loneliness often caused by the illness, reports with reference to Express. Patients can chat about things such as the weather and

Stephen Fry narrates heartbraking fundraising ad for Alzheimer’s Research UK

The clip by Aardman Animations highlights the varied symptoms of dementia and raises awareness of the diseases that cause it, most commonly Alzheimer's, Daily Mail reports. Narrated by Steven Fry, Santa Forgot follows a young girl called Freya, who has never received a present

Alzheimer’s breakthrough: Drug that halts mental decline hailed as ‘best news for dementia in 25 years’

The breakthrough was hailed as the "best news" in dementia research for 25 years and a potential "game changer" for people with Alzheimer’s, The Telegraph reports. Scientists said they were amazed to find that patients treated with the highest dose of the

Scientists find link between brain infections and Alzheimer’s

The study, published this week, focused on the protein known as Amyloid Betas. A-Betas are the major component found in the Beta-Amyloid plaques that clump together in Alzheimer’s patients brains, the same plaques that cause the degeneration of the brain and memory loss over time. Until