Cassini Shows Intriguing Image Of Enceladus’ South-Polar Jets

According to NASA, the picture of the jets was taken from afar. This view looks toward the Saturn-facing hemisphere of Enceladus (313 miles or 504 kilometers across). North is up. The image was taken in visible light with the Cassini spacecraft

Egyptian Pyramids Were Built By People Not Aliens – Video

The clip explains how the ancient burial vault was erected in 23 years with the participation of more than two thousand people. It's fascinating that Egyptians didn't even know the wheel, but they were smart and used science, not aliens, to find

Leading Space Entrepreneur Thinks Aliens Are Visiting Earth

Mr Bigelow, 72, said he believed that aliens had come to Earth, and were continuing to do so, reports with reference to IFL Science. “I’m absolutely convinced ,” he said in an interview with with CBS News. “That’s all there

Earth-like planet discovered just 219 light years away could host alien life

Astronomers have discovered an Earth-like planet Kepler-1649 just 219 light-years away which could be a major step forward in the search for alien life, reports with reference to Daily Mail. This newly discovered world is only slightly larger than Earth and

Are aliens trying to contact Earth? Scientists say mysterious energy signals are coming from space

Rare and brief bursts of cosmic radio waves have puzzled astronomers since they were first detected 10 years ago. Some suggested these mysterious bursts of energy could be a sign of alien life trying to contact us. Now scientists have confirmed that

Discovery of world’s oldest fossil suggests there was alien life on Mars

The fossil, which was found in Quebec, Canada, shows life on earth was thriving as far back as 4.2 billion years, hundreds of millions of years earlier than previously thought, reports with reference to Metro. This makes the prospect of life

Search for aliens: Scientists detect more than 100 new potential exoplanets

Scientists have been working towards searching alien planets in the universe using various techniques. In search of alien worlds, they have spotted more than 100 new potential exoplanets using one of the most successful techniques, reports with reference to News

NASA Reveals Simple Chemistry Method to Test Other Planets for Life

The test uses a liquid-based technique known as capillary electrophoresis to separate a mixture of organic molecules into its components. It was designed specifically to analyze for amino acids, the structural building blocks of all life on Earth, reports with reference

Florida police caught mysterious fireball in night sky – video

Josh Stone, a meteorologist at WWSB TV in Sarasota, said the fireball “looked as bright as the sun” and that he “heard a little rumbling after it faded away,” reports with reference to “A baseball-sized meteor entered the atmosphere around

Scientists claim: ‘Alien megastructure’ near strange star might be a swarm of comets

According to the last information, an 'alien megastructure', which was spotted near a strange star, might be caused by a swarm of cold comets. Undoubtedly, this explanation is disappointing for people who believe in the presence of alien forces nearby the distant star, reports