Ryanair Cancels Service in Ukraine

Ryanair announced on July 10 that it cancels its planned entrance to Ukraine after the Kiev airport failed to comply with the agreement reached in March at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine with airport officials and the airport director, Mr Riabikin,

Dutch King reveals he secretly piloted KLM passenger flights for 21 years

King Willem-Alexander, reigning monarch of the Netherlands, revealed in an interview with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf that he'd regularly flown flights for a subsidiary of the Dutch flag carrier for over two decades, according to CNN. Calling the part-time role a "hobby,"

Passengers get into fistfight aboard Southwest flight

Southwest flight 2530 had traveled from Dallas and was on a short layover at Hollywood Burbank Airport before continuing on to Oakland. But as the plane taxied to the gate, two men began fighting, Burbank Police said, according to CNN. The altercation

United Airlines say sorry for flying passenger 3,000 miles in wrong direction

United Airlines have been forced to apologise after accidentally flying a passenger 3,000 miles in the wrong direction, according to Metro. Lucie Bahetoukilae, who speaks no English, was intending to catch a plane to Paris and was horrified when she landed in

United Airlines removes couple traveling to wedding from plane

According to the couple, who said they were en route to get married, a federal marshal had escorted them from the plane before take-off from Houston, Texas, but United denied this on Sunday, saying in a statement that neither a marshal nor

UK ‘to ban laptops and other electronic devices on some flights’

The move echos one made in the US with a few differences, reports with reference to Metro. There are fears that the devices could be used to hide bombs. It is not known when the UK would impose the ban, but it could happen