Gorgeous Georgia

If you have never been to Georgia, you have probably heard that it is a country with beautiful landscapes and pretty towns, ancient monuments and culture, hospitable people and delicious cuisine. Georgia is one of the most beautiful countries where

Do-It-Yourself tips

Sometimes it is necessary to give your old clothes a new life and new look. Here are some ideas how to renew your clothes. All the instruments you need are your clothes and your imagination! Making stuff from what you

Funny Sports Moments

Sport is not only good for your health but can also improve your sense of humor as it provides lots of material for fun blog like this one! Of course, it is a bit unfair to laugh at athletes while they are doing

Funny Pictures of World Leaders

We are used to see politicians and world leaders in serious moments. But rarely they caught unprepared by photo objectives. Photogenic or not, there is always a chance of a spontaneous snap to go wrong. Here are some funny photos

Fashion is my profession, or victims of fashion

Fashion is incredible work of art. It is exiting and breathtaking but not always in a good way. Sometimes fashion just goes beyond reason and becomes designer's "fail". Designers can create such futuristic and even alien wardrobe items in order to

Around the world: Rice fields in Vietnam. Emerald beauty of terraces

During one of his journeys, the photographer Sarawut Intarob took the photos of unique landscape formed by the rice fields in Vietnam. The contrast of dark blue sky, as if it is obscured with haze, and bright emerald step slopes

Putin memes: another dose of people’s anger

Today we suggest you watching Internet mems of Putin. President of Russia is not only the ruler of the state, also he is the best worldwide laughing stock ever. He is so "loved" that people give attention to his photos every