Funny moments of the outgoing year

Life is very unpredictable. Something funny can happen to each of us any minute. But if it is referred to people of the world significance, such mishaps always have consequences. We have collected very interesting photos of various incidents with higher persona.

Photos of “melting” cats

We always have fun and cheer up looking at the funny photos of cats. We got used to the fact that these pets are very funny and cunning but they feel themselves like real kings and queens in the house. We

Fashion Trends: the most fashionable winter coats for 2015

We offer all fashionistas and simply those who like fancy clothes to visit our gallery and see what are the latest fashion trends for winter 2015. Fabulous collections of American and European designers surprise by variety and mix. Couturiers ventured upon

What happens when winter does magic

When winter comes, it brings a lot of problems. There is no doubt that frost and ice bring damage to the inhabitants of our planet. However, we suggest you looking at the most beautiful pictures of, perhaps, the most terrific

Incredible resemblance of ordinary passersby to celebrities

We have collected the photos of people resembling the stars of movie and music industry. When a usual, unknown man is very similar to Adolf Hitler some suspicious thoughts start playing in your head. Nature makes unimaginable wonders. Genetics has nothing to

“Little” Earth in the mighty universe

We offer you to expand your knowledge of what is happening beyond our planet. It is easier to be a tourist than an astronaut. Therefore, to see some of the objects from outer space with your own eyes is virtually

Creative New Year Gifts: treat your family and friends with useful and interesting things

The most awaited holiday is near at hand. The atmosphere in every home is gradually becoming festive. That's all because of Christmas movies and funny animals in sewed costumes. Naturally, it is time to decide on presents for friends and close

Photos of Celebrities as Children

We bring to you rare photos of Hollywood celebrities during their young age. Some celebrities change. Some stay the same. See if you can identify the stars from their childhood photos!

Paradisiacal Goa, India

Nowhere else in  India  will you find the laid-back languidness of a Goan lunchtime, the easy charms of its people or the soothing serenity of a day on its beaches. Here in Goa, a herd of water buffalo will

Little champions of hide and seek

Oh, those kids! Everyone in his childhood loved to play, and the game of hide and seek was always exiting and sacred. Well, who among us did not like hiding somewhere behind a chair, cupboard or sofa? And your older