Funny caricatures: aggressor Putin and his friends through Americans’ eyes

In today’s collection you will see inaction and caution of the United States and other countries in relation to the war in Ukraine. Our country remains one of the main topics in the world, especially in America. So now even there

Images from ATO zone not to leave indifferent: ‘Military friendship is forever!’

As well as people, our 'little brothers' come under fires and die. However, fortunately, our soldiers always help animals by caring for them and protecting them. By giving a shelter to another dog or cat, our army men demonstrate their good-natured attitude

18 things for lazy people

  Years go by and now scientists and inventors focus on coming up with the items and products, which will make our lives not just easier for a truly objective reason, like cars, washing machines, or airplanes. These ones will make

Funny photo gallery: ‘You look familiar’ offers very funny photo gallery of cats appearing to have twins, and most of these twins are world-known people. Take a look at the funny photos of these amusing animals that will delight you and charge you with positive for the

Putin and Lavrov at their best: funniest moments from BRICS summit

The Russian news agency Kommersant published a collection of photographs of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov from very amusing angles at the BRICS summit 2015, reports. The edition wrote quite brave material about the

Funny Photobombs from Russia: ‘Some can do everything, but only once’

  We have collected fun photos about Russia. Many jokes and tricks by the Russians will blow your mind. For example, a dog in a kerchief and granny glasses – respect to the cynologist! The stairs leading to nowhere – a joke

Deep Russian soul: people in Stavropol ready to eat pancakes directly from a spade if it’s for free

The first and last Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev could hardly imagine that someday in his native Stavropol, the people of the XXI century would end up eating directly from a spade standing behind an iron fence. And all this would

We don’t need no education: LPR militants destroyed 40 schools

Over the entire period of hostilities in eastern Ukraine, in Luhansk and the region, the terrorists had destroyed 40 schools and kindergartens. Many buildings need major repairs, and some of them are subject to reconstruction. Such data was reported by the

Donbas today: ruins of Debaltseve left after rebels

According to the Minsk Agreement, the Ukrainian army left Debaltseve. The rebels are there. They settle in the deserted streets and set up firing positions. The inhabitants of the city are forced to wander the streets looking for at least some

Ukraine in War

The hostilities in the eastern part of Ukraine continue to unfold, killing thousands of people and shelling hundreds of settlements. According to the United Nations, the conflict, which has raged since April, has claimed more than 5,000 lives and displaced