Surfing in high heels? No problem!

As we know, sport is an important thing is our life and it can be present everywhere. While some of us have trouble even standing up in a pair of stilettos, Maud Le Car — an accomplished athlete — can not only stand,

In Brazil, everyone is born a dancer (video)

This dog, hearing the fiery rhythm playing from a car parked nearby just couldn’t resist and began to show her dancing skills. It seems like everything in this world has the ability to dance, especially in Brazil. Seems like dogs are becoming

Kristen Stewart barefoot on premiere of American Ultra

Kristen Stewart is famous for swapping her stilettos for comfortable sneakers after walking the red carpet at various events. And at the Los Angeles premiere of American Ultra she once again chose comfort over style and went barefoot, reports DailyMail. Turning heads as

Funny Videos: no one will be bored with such a cat

A new fluffy hero hits the Internet. Playful and mischievous cat wins the World Wide Web every day more and more. Watch how great he is dancing, attacking, and fighting. His attractive face can cause only a smile and admiration. No one will be bored with

Hilarious video: dog conquers its own ‘living space’

Having a child in the house is great. Having a dog in the house is awesome, too. But when you have both a baby and a dog, it is an indescribable pleasure. It is such a fun and joy to watch them that time flies unnoticeable. In the

Animal selfie – master class by professional dog

The so-called 'selfie' has became so popular that even animals are affected by this mainstream. The master of the dog we will show you has trained his pet so much, that it immediately starts posing for a picture any time it sees a smartphone. Anyway, watch how this funny dog learned

Unique porcelain clothes by Li Xiaofeng wins fashion world

Li Xiaofeng has decided to embody his ideas quite long time ago. By creating unusual fashion design, he affects the two worlds: the ancient civilization and modern society. See photos of masterpieces from the fashion world collected at presented in our gallery. All his works

Welcome new Internet star – frowning Pompous Albert

This grey cat with frizzy hair and permanently scolding face has won the hearts of Internet users throughout the world. Albert even has an Instagram account. To date, he is followed by more than 62 thousand people. Pompous Albert was named after

Kisses and huggies of world leaders since Leonid Brezhnev to nowadays

We have collected funny photos of politicians expressing their feelings in a quite different way. In this collection you will find high-ranking officials kissing and hugging. Many of them are doing it with much enthusiasm and pleasure. So view photos of

Funny photos of cats: animals painted in all colors of the rainbow

We have collected for you the most extraordinary and funny photos of cats. In this collection, you will see animals in different bright images. The owners of these cats decided to change something and 'decorated' their favorites. It is worth noting