Instagram now lets you save live videos for later

Not long after introducing Stories to Instagram, the company added a live streaming feature akin to the one already available on Facebook. Problem is, once a livestream finished, it was gone forever. Now Instagram lets you streamers save their videos. Once a broadcast

World have to catch up to China in live streaming in 2017

In 2017, live streaming will explode. News and entertainment will be consumed in real time as social-media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter promote the function as a core feature. Looking at the world through someone else's eyes will become easily accessible

Leaving Facebook for a week can boost wellbeing: study suggests

Taking a break from Facebook can boost emotional wellbeing and life satisfaction, with the effects particularly pronounced among people who “lurk” on the social network without actively engaging with others, a study suggests, according to the Guardian. The research by the University

Received many friend requests on Facebook? Accept them and live longer

An active social life is good for your health, so if you receive a lot of friend requests on Facebook and accept them, you will live longer, reports. A study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley showed a positive impact on

Instagram launches new shopping feature in US

Instagram announced that the test phase of the feature starts the next week, reports with reference to Instagram’s blog. The new feature will make online shopping more convenient and allow users to purchase products without exiting the app. Twenty US retailers, including Kate

The strangest roads on Google Earth

The 3D feature in the program do not seem all roads to be safe. Judge yourself: With this bridge in Cincinnati we just would fall into a deep valley. (photo above)

YouTube launches new subscription service

YouTube launches a new subscription service, which will compete for the viewers with Netflix and Spotify, reports with the refrence to SkyNews. The service named Red launches in the US on October 28 and will offer ad-free videos, unlimited

Interesting news: Ukrainian products in supermarkets of 190 countries

Ukrainian products are exported all over the world. If you did not know that, then here it is - Ukraine exports its agricultural products in 190 countries and is an approximate figure, reports. An interesting flashmob was launched- people, who were abroad, post the pictures of food

New funny jokes: ‘If do not you see – do not believe!’ has collected very funny pictures for you . In this collection you will see, of course, not your own doubles,but some celebrities and animals - it's a great fun! Enjoy our new funny jokes and share your good mood with others! Photo source:

Interesting news: ‘cat’ analogue of Google Street View created in Japan

The cat analogue of the Google Street View map is called Cat Street View and is similar to the Google service. The map was released on September 1 by the Department of Tourism Development of the Japanese prefecture of Hiroshima. The map creation involved the