Scientists: Women’s breasts can prolong men’s life for 5 years

It has long been known that girls with beautiful lush breasts attract men. Therefore, women are trying to look after the beauty of their breasts and often show them to others with the help of a deep neckline.

Now scientists have proved that the contemplation of beautiful female breast brings men not only fun, but also health benefit. A new study has shown that men should not abandon the passionate views on women's breasts, as this process is able to strengthen their health and add a few years of life.

Hence, beautiful breasts should be a source of pride for the young ladies, many of whom are not shy showing what nature gifted them.

The German scientists recommend that men older than 40 years look at women's breasts for 10 minutes each day to improve their health and prolong their life.

Dr. Karen Weatherby, the author of the study, said that 10-minute looking at the female breasts for men is equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise. If we repeat the procedure every day, it can extend the life of five years, as well as prevent the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The benefits of massage for men’s health

  • Jun 21, 2014
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Massage benefit

Massage for men can be performed on the back as well as on his stomach, arms, legs, and fingers. The inclusion of the therapeutic massage elements is popular too. Be advised that the male massage is done using a special massage oil that does not contain strong odors. The first thing the massage therapist does is body warming. All massaging operations must be carried out easily and gently, by stroking and soft muscle kneading.

TOP 10 appetite suppressants

  • Jun 20, 2014
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Healthy eating is a recipe for neat figure

Proper nutrition for weight loss is actually quite simple. Since it is summer, there is no deficiency of many products. You can appreciate the top list of foods that will help to suppress appetite. Eating healthy food can guarantee weight loss. Also, read about dangerous heath foods.

Apples. The quickest and the most effective way to satisfy your hunger. Apple is a low-calorie product, containing a variety of vitamins and minerals. The apple fruit belongs to the healthy and wholesome food. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," says the proverb.

Caffeine. Strange as it may seem, but moderate consumption of coffee will help to suppress your appetite. According to research, caffeine also helps to relieve headaches and cheers.

Vegetable juices. Scientists proved that drinking a glass of vegetable juice before eating reduces calorie needs. As a result, you can reduce amount of food normal for you.

Water. The human body contains from 50% to 75% water. Doctors strongly recommend drinking water in large quantities for people who are prone to be overweight. Heat water to reduce appetite.

Nuts. Universal product rich in vitamin E and B2, the nut includes fatty acids that help to suppress appetite.

Oatmeal. The best breakfast is oatmeal. Due to the content of beta-glucan, the human body consumes the calories slowly, so the sense of fullness will be present for a longer time.

Avocado. Tasty and healthy. This berry contains useful vegetable fats and vitamin E. Apart from hunger satisfying, avocado leads the list of useful products against the signs of aging.

Yogurt. This product helps to normalize bowel action. A large concentration of lactic acid and lactobacillus acidophilus favorably effect on the human digestion. In addition, yogurt helps to speed up elimination of toxins from the body. Its thick gel-like consistency will help to satisfy hunger.

Meat. Human diet must include meat. After meat consumption, the human body is saturated for a long time and the need for food is lost. For weight loss, it is recommended to eat poultry or fish.

Cottage cheese. It refers to useful products because it contains casein, which is slowly absorbed by the organism, so the sense hungry will leave you for a long time.

Watch your weight with proper and healthy nutrition!

Repeat summer, please!

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Atlantis, The Palm

The leading entertainment resort Atlantis, the Palm is located at the top of the artificial island The Palm. No wonder, it is one of the most popular family resorts in Dubai, as here children and adults find themselves in an endless idyllic summer with all its attributes. Unprecedented Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium, where you can swim with the good-natured mammals; dizzying slides in a huge Aquaventure Waterpark, a giant Lost Chambers Aquarium with over 65,000 species of marine animals where the time stands still, sitting on the throne of the mythical Atlantis ruler and smiling to the "flying" ramps in the water; 23 restaurants for every taste; relaxing spa treatments at ShuiQi Spa&Fitness; and, of course, a seemingly endless white beach. In a word, Atlantis, The Palm is the world of endless possibilities!

This fall, Atlantis, The Palm will cooperate with Citibank to provide the cardholders the opportunity to plan children's fall and spring holidays in advance in 2015. A special Citibank Package includes a 20% discount on accommodation in any category, free access to the Aquaventure Waterpark, Lost Chambers Aquarium, and a special price for any program of communication with the dolphins at Dolphin Bay, as well as 1 free Kids Club visit for kids and Rush Club visit for adolescents.

The special Citibank Package is valid for booking from September 1, 2014 to October 31, 2014 and stay from September 1, 2014 to March 21, 2015.

But even without booking the special guests of the resort – the Citibank cardholders – can take advantage of the following discounts for the whole 2014 season:

15% of total cost in 20 resort restaurants

15% on all spa treatments at ShuiQi Spa & Fitness

15% on tickets to Aquaventure Waterpark

15% on tickets to The Lost Chamber Aquarium

10% on tickets to the Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium and acquaintance with its inhabitants

To book the special Citibank Package, please visit:

About resort Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm is the first and the only entertainment resort of its kind in the UAE, located in the center of the artificial Palm Island. The resort was opened in September 2008 and remains a unique project pronouncing the theme of unity with the world ocean. An integral part of Atlantis, The Palm, with a total area of 46 hectares, are numerous water activities, including a grand Aquaventure Waterpark, sprawling over an area of 17 hectares. The huge aquarium resort with over 65,000 sea animals, including sharks and dolphins, has the network of 18 underground tunnels and passageways, where the guests can explore the lost Atlantis. Every day in Aquaventure 18 million liters of fresh water is poured, which is rapidly flying through the exciting water slides, and flows in 2.3-kilometer river with artificial waves. Dolphin Bay is one of the most amazing water park projects. It is unprecedented Dolphinarium, where the guests can mingle with graceful mammals.

Also, Atlantis, The Palm is a genuine paradise for gourmets, because such famous restaurants like Nobu and Ronda Locatelli are located on the territory of the resort. Shoppers will appreciate the impressive shopping malls in Atlantis, The Palm, which represent almost all the world"s luxury brands.