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Our home Milky Way galaxy is being pushed across the universe

Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is being pushed across the universe by a large unseen force, according to new research. Although it may not seem like a friendly gesture, the newly discovered Dipole Repeller is actually helping our galaxy on its

All that we share: Danish ad challenges us to step outside defining box

We live in times when the "Us vs Them" narrative has become mainstream. We get caught up in minutiae and risk losing sight of what binds us, rather than divides us.This Danish television station ad, entitled "All that we share," challenges this narrative

East Ukraine violence outburst may be Trump’s first test with Putin: The Washington Post

In Washington, the State Department on Tuesday called for an immediate cease-fire, The Washington Post reports. With temperatures as low as minus -4, what Ukrainian officials described as Grad rockets and 152mm artillery shells have rained down for days on the city

Top 10 Ways To Save Money On Valentine’s Day Gifts

According to the US National Retail Federation (NRF), expected sales for Valentine's Day this year are expected to be over $19.7 billion, which is $1.1 billion more than last year. So, how can couples have any chance to save money on Valentine's Day this

Cats can have 5 personalities – research

Dr Lauren Finka assessed about 200 felines as part of her PhD and concluded that all cats fall into one of these categories: Human Cat; Hunter Cat; Cats’ Cat; Cantankerous Cat; or Inquisitive Cat, Joinfo.com reports with reference to IOL news. The

No, this man is not Trump’s brother

But that hasn't stopped the internet having a good laugh at this man's uncannily Trump-esque locks, Alex Dackevych writes on the BBC. When the photo was shared on American comedian and radio host

Brazilian wedding shooting: Gunman follows bride and groom in church as they walk down the aisle before pulling out a handgun and shooting at guests

Umberto Ferreira dos Santos, known by his nickname Betinho, opened fire at guests at the ceremony inside a church in Limoeiro de Anadia, Joinfo.com reports with reference to Daily Mail Online. He was plotting to take out a father and son, who

January’s must-see picks in entertainment, according to CineFix

The new year kicked off some great and some not-so-great entertainment online and offline. As CineFix says: “Lucky for you, we've rounded up our personal favorite shows, movies and documentaries that need some more loving. Start the binge-watch.”

10 of the Most Gorgeous Uses of Color in Film

Directors make so many filmmaking decisions that go unnoticed by casual viewers because we’re not paying close attention—but the use of color isn’t one of them. Color immediately stands out, as Gizmodo reports. Films can be hyper colorful and smack you with

Ben Affleck Will Not Direct ‘The Batman’

Affleck is still on board to play the superhero, but sources close to the talent said Affleck and Warner Bros., after discussing how to best make the film possible, came to the decision together, Variety reports. “There are certain characters who hold