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Eurovision 2017: 43 countries, including Russia, to compete in Kyiv

A record high number of participant countries – 43 nations, including Russia – will compete in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, equaling the total set in 2008 and 2011. The list includes Romania and Portugal who are returning to the competition

The strangest roads on Google Earth

The 3D feature in the program do not seem all roads to be safe. Judge yourself: With this bridge in Cincinnati we just would fall into a deep valley. (photo above)

Tiger Trainer attacked in Florida fair – video

A trainer required treatment Tuesday after being clawed on the legs by a tiger as children watched at a Florida fair. Pensacola Interstate Fair publicist Katie King told the Pensacola News Journal that Vicenta Pages suffered several claw cuts when a 2-year-old Bengal

Iconic ‘girl with green eyes’ arrested in Pakistan

She appears to have falsified her identity. According to Pakistani law Bibi can get 7 years in prison and deportation to Afghanistan. Mona Lisa of the war in Afghanistan The American Steve McCurry photographed Sharbat Bibi when she was twelve years'. The Photographer found 'Mona Lisa

Hillary Clinton visits Adele concert and get her support

American politician Hillary Clinton who is contesting for 2016 Presidential race, is celebrating her 69 th birthday today ( on October 26). Hillary Clinton went to an Adele concert on Tuesday  and get her support. Whether the British singer Adele didn't know that the Democratic presidential

Belgians lucky in European lottery jackpot again

In the Netherlands you can buy lots of Euro Millions. Yes, it`s true with European lottery. "The timing is incredibly surprising," said a spokesman of the Belgian National Lottery, which participate in EuroMillions. "We just all balloons stored for one winner and we

Ukrainian PGO creates new office to probe ex-president Yanukovych case

"In order to speed up and complete the pre-trial investigation and send to court 'the big criminal case' against Yanukovych and his entourage, the Organized Crime Office has been created . The organization will be made

Russia’s aviation regulator: Airport staff involved in Total CEO plane crash had been drinking

Russia's Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) said on Tuesday it had completed its own investigation and that Martynenko and the airport's duty shift supervisor, whom it did not name, had been drinking alcohol and were partly to blame for the tragedy, Reuters

Ukrainian president urges business to increase wages by at least 20-30%

“I have one request: Give it to your employees," – President Poroshenko urged Ukrainian business owners during a meeting of the National Reform Council, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to UNIAN. Salaries in Ukraine should be at least 20-30% higher due to 22% lower

Sweet drinks with sugar increase the risk of diabetes

Consumption of more than two sugary drinks per day significantly increases the risk of diabetes and no matter whether in the case of drinks containing sugar or artificial sweeteners. According to a research of Swedish researchers at the Karolinska Institute, which showed that