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Putin buys property in Spain by Russian mafia boss

Putin tried to buy property on Costa del Sol in Spain with the help of the Russian mafia bosses - Gennady Petrov, who heads one of the largest criminal gangs in Russia, reports Joinfo.ua with the referral to The Times. According to

NASA created self-healing material

The process begins when one or both of the polymer layers were punctured. Oxygen mixes with an ingredient found inside the gel called tributylborane. The research has been published in the journal ACS Macro Letters. This creates a reaction which causes the

Eni SpA discovered a vast natural gas field in Egypt

Eni estimates this deep-water deposit as the biggest find in the Mediterranean Sea. It may hold 30 trillion cubic feet of gas, equivalent to 5.5 billion barrels of oil, Bloomberg.com reports citing Eni Sunday statement. Egypt’s petroleum ministry also confirmed the discovery

Pope Francis calls for the world to pray for migrants

During the traditional Sunday sermon at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican Pope Francis urged to pray for people who died in the attempt to reach Europe shores from their war-torn countries, Joinfo.ua reports. Pope Francis also condemned the fact that illegal immigrants,

New single-board computer for $ 15

The popularity of single-board computer Raspberry Pi inspires the competitors, and they are constantly trying to make a similar device. Nevertheless, it is either expensive devices or already proven Raspberry Pi - $ 35. But now, there is a new device called

Tough machos: Putin and Medvedev working out in gym together

Two Russian leaders started training with warm-up and then moved on to exercises on weights. After training, they had a barbecue and breakfast on the open terrace, Russian media inform. At breakfast, while having tea, Putin and Medvedev discussed current state issues.

Poland: “Third Reich gold” found – but not reached yet

The legendary armored train, by which the Nazis allegedly transported the gold and cultural values ​​are likely mined. CEO restorer of Poland, Deputy Culture Minister Zhuhovsky said at the press conference, Onet.pl informs. Scattering all the rumors and speculations, flooded the Internet after

Russian PM’s visit to Kuril Islands violates Japan sovereignty – experts

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe still has hope for progressive dialogue on the Kuril Islands dispute; however, President Vladimir Putin with all his actions shows that he is not even going to talk about it. And the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s

Trilateral Contact Group agreed to cease fire from September 1

As Twitter-account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus reports, meeting of Trilateral Contact Group Ukraine-Russia-OSCE and Working groups on the Donbas ended on Wednesday, August 26 in Minsk. At press conference following the meeting, the Special Representative of the OSCE Martin

Statement of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko following Normandy Format meeting in Berlin

The press service of Ukrainian President released the full version of the statement. “On behalf of the people of Ukraine, I express sincere gratitude for the warm greetings on the Independence Day and the role France and Germany play under your leadership