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Military experts publish scenario of relations between NATO and Russia: ‘nuclear winter’ and dissolution of Alliance

The conflict between NATO and Russia can lead either to an open war, or to dissolution of the Alliance, states the analytical report of the American portal Vox, Joinfo.ua reports. According to the experts, the current strained relations between Nato and Russia

European investors buy up gold because of situation in Greece

European investors are actively buying up gold because of the need to seek alternatives to the euro because of the terrible economic situation in Greece. In June, demand from Greek customers for Sovereign gold coins has doubled the five-month average, according to the

Russian fighter jets wreck NATO’s nerves again by cruising near borders of Sweden

Sverker Goranson, the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, told about dangerous encounters of the Swedish and Russian fighter jets near the country's borders. It is reported by Joinfo.ua with reference to the local newspaper Expressen. Goranson told about the repeated appearance of the

Vladimir Putin practically admits that Russia awaits strategic defeat – analyst

According to the analyst, Moscow is on the verge of a geostrategic defeat and President Vladimir Putin is aware of it. It confirms that Ukraine and its allies are coordinated and do not set themselves up for defeat, Joinfo.ua reports. Nuss recalled that Canada and

Petro Poroshenko tells about elections in Donbas and negotiation on lethal arms from U.S.

President Petro Poroshenko said that he was holding the talks with the United States on provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine. Poroshenko stated it in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della sera, Joinfo.ua reports. "We are asking the United States for

Mikhail Zadornov makes fun of Boeing crash

On the video posted in the network, the Russian satirist Mikhail Zadornov cynically ridiculed the Malaysian Boeing crash 2014. And moreover, he attributed the words of the Russian official to U.S.  State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, Joinfo.ua reports. In his speech, the whole hall

U.S. Congress supports weapons supply to Ukraine, the matter depends on Obama – expert

An invasion has taken in Ukraine and the U.S. should help the country. This was stated by Republican Senator John McCain in an interview for the Polish news agency (PAP), Joinfo.uareports. Reporters of the Polish press agency asked the Senator when the weapons from the United States

Russians love President Putin because they are afraid of war with West, it’s paradox of USSR – experts

On the pages of International Business Times, experts express an opinion that the Kremlin and, in particular, Russian President Vladimir Putin deliberately scare the Russians with the war in order to distract their attention from domestic problems, and gain rating, Joinfo.ua reports. According

U.S. government to block $ 300 million on accounts of Russian companies due to suspected corruption

The U.S. government has initiated an investigation into corruption in Uzbekistan. U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit in the New York borough of Manhattan with a request to freeze $ 300 million due to the investigation into the involvement of Russian companies VimpelCom

Vladimir Putin makes whole world think of Russia as of armed gang – Russian historian

In an interview with Prague Daily Monitor, Andrej Zubov said that he intended to fight for the Russian youth and to teach young people to have "the value of human freedom". He believes that in 15 years in power, Vladimir Putin has