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Putin’s nightmare: NATO trolls Kremlin with columns of military equipment

According to Joinfo.ua, a column of 115 units includes tanks and armored personnel carriers of the 2nd Mechanized Regiment of the U.S. Army. Today, General Philip Breedlove, the

Council of Europe not satisfied with investigation of murders during Maidan

The International Advisory Panel of the Council of Europe, which issued a report in Kyiv, is confident that a number of reasons had a negative impact on the investigation. In particular, the lack of independence

Upkeep of Crimea will cost Russia $ 200 billion

According to him, the financing of Crimea will cost 7.6 billion dollars a year. "Given the indirect and other costs, the figure would be much higher, in total 150-200 billion over three or four years,"

Europe thinks it will save itself from Putin, ignoring aggression of Russia in Ukraine, and it’s stupid

Transformation of Ukraine into a buffer zone will be a tragedy for Europe and will not save it from Russian aggression. Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov addressed

Poroshenko says he is ready to hold ‘language-federative’ referendum

Poroshenko also said that Russia's plans with respect to Ukraine, its reliance on the fact that "the Ukrainians are a conflict nation that will destroy itself" failed, Joinfo.ua reports. "I'm ready to put the issues

Russia fears sanctions and decides to give Ukraine discounted gas

Russian Gazprom is going to supply Ukraine with discounted gas in order to avoid toughening of sanctions, Tyzhden reports with reference to Business Insider. According to the news agency, last week the European Commission addressed

Australia enacts new sanctions against Russia

Russia continues to drown in the sea of sanctions. On Tuesday, March 31, Julie Bishop, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia, stated that Australia imposed expanded economic sanctions against Moscow, which include an

Russia accuses West in making Ivan the Terrible bloody tyrant

According to the news agencies, an exhibition opened in Moscow and devoted to Ivan

Sunken Costa Concordia deprived mafia of profit: the ship was used for drug smuggling

Italian police arrested 20 people accused of involvement in the shipment of cocaine using cruise liners, Joinfo.ua reports referring to The Times. The investigators eavesdropped on telephone conversations of several members of the Calabrian Ndrangheta

Putin to attend UN General Assembly in New York

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to attend the UN General Assembly session, which is scheduled for September this year in New York. It is reported by Kommersant with reference to several sources close to