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NASA scientists looking for life on Jupiter’s satellite

NASA employees have published a high-quality image of iced Jupiter's satellite. Scientists suggest that under the ice cover of the

Amber Heard breaks up with Johnny Depp because of alcohol

According to the latest information, the wedding Johnny and Amber were looking forward to will not take

Poland: political consultations after local elections

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski holds political consultations after failures in announcing the results of the local elections. The first round of the local elections

Blogger puts game from Tetris on keyboard

The author of the blog about technology and hackers Sprites Mods has projected the legendary Snake game on a mechanical keyboard. This

Montenegro prefers banana to Russian boot

The billboards, signed "Montenegrin Patriots" are aimed to demonstrate the attitude of the inhabitants of the former Yugoslav republic toward Russia and Russians. One of

Miley Cyrus pregnant with Patrick Schwarzenegger’s child

It is reported by joinfo.ua. According to a source close to the couple, Miley bought two pregnancy tests. One of them showed a

Hungarian Prime Minister disappointed in Putin

It is reported by joinfo.ua with reference to Bloomberg. According to the magazine, the head of the Hungarian government, who received $ 14 billion

MEPs accuse Google of monopolization

MEPs want to separate the Internet search engine of Google from the commercial services of the corporation. According to France Press, the corresponding document was adopted

Camera capturing what human eye can not recognize

Usually taking a photo of an object especially of the one moving very quickly with an ordinary camera does not

Lady Gaga for Christmas campaign of fashion brand

Tony Bennett has recorded a promotional video of the song It Don"t Mean A Thing for advertising campaign of the