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Emma Watson on Elle UK cover

It was a frightening experience for the 24 year old. "I was very nervous," she admits. "It wasn't an easy thing for me

Merkel reiterate

It was stated by the official representative of German government, Georg Streiter at a press conference on Friday

Russian astronomers discover new dangerous asteroid

The Russian only robotic telescope net called 'Master' has discovered a hazardous asteroid of more than 370 meters. That is, it is bigger than the

Burkina Faso President refuses to resign

Blaise Compaoré, the president of Burkina Faso, the state in West Africa, refuses to resign at the request of the protests that broke out

Polish humanitarian convoy heads for Ukraine

The truck filled with gifts, thanks to the generosity of Warsaw and companies from the region. Ukraine will receive warm clothing, winter

In Brazil, people buried next to favorite football players

Brazilian football club "Corinthians" from Sao Paulo opens its own cemetery where fans can be buried next to their

Volcano erupts in Hawaii

On the Big Island of Hawaii, where the Kilauea volcano erupted, local residents are being evacuated. The flow of molten lava of about 100 meters in width is moving

Angelina Jolie became blonde

Recently, media has been talking about the Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie more often. Most recently, she finally officially married her common-law husband and father of her children Brad

Female director will shoot “Wonder Woman”

It is noted that only women are considered for the position of the director. At the moment, the studio does not have the list

Man paralyzed after ride on roller coaster

The American attraction can not be called innocuous. For 58-year-old Robert Sycamore it did not end up only with a startle. A