No More Boredom: Hertz Presents Colouring-in Car To Entertain Kids During Family Travel

No More Boredom: Hertz Presents Colouring-in Car To Entertain Kids During Family Travel

How many times you’ve been worried that your children will be bored during long family journeys in a car?

Thanks to the rental company Hertz, your children will be happy even during a long trip in a fascinating Colouring-in Car.

Hertz’s team upholstered a car from floor to ceiling with the most popular book and cartoon characters, flowers, houses and animals to keep your children amused.

During long trips your kids can paint animals, cartoon characters or simply show their creativity, turning the salon of the car into a canvas on wheels.

For now, the exclusive Hertz car is run for trial at its London Heathrow branch. The company is currently studying the reaction of consumers to decide if the project is successful.

Jeff Bezos Is World’s Richest Person

Jeff Bezos Is World's Richest Person
  • Jul 27, 2017
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A 2.5% rise in Amazon shares on Thursday means Bezos’s wealth has now eclipsed the Microsoft co-founder by $1.4bn, according to the BBC.

Jeff Bezos, 53, owns about 17% of the shares in Amazon, whose value has now exceeded $500bn.

The online retailer reports second quarter results after Wall Street closes on Thursday.

For the first three months of this year Amazon’s sales jumped 23% to $35.7bn. The company expects a rise of 16% to 24% for the quarter to June.

In recent years Jeff Bezos has focused on his Blue Origin space rocket business and the Washington Post newspaper, which he bought in 2013.

Soaring technology stocks have fuelled huge growth in the worth of entrepreneurs such as Bezos and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, 33, who is now worth $72.6bn according to Forbes.

It should be recalled that the gap between the richest and the poorest half of the global population is more than previously thought. As of January 2017, just eight men own as much wealth as 3.6 billion people, according to a report by Oxfam.

Fashion Brand Michael Kors Buys British Shoemaker Jimmy Choo

Fashion Brand Michael Kors Buys British Shoemaker Jimmy Choo
  • Jul 25, 2017
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US fashion brand Michael Kors confirmed Tuesday it had agreed to acquire British shoemaker Jimmy Choo for some 900 million pounds ($1.2 billion, 1 billion euros), according to Deutsche Welle.

It said in a statement the UK firm, whose celebrity fans included Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman and Kate Middleton, was the “ideal partner” for the US handbag and clothing maker.

“Michael Kors intends to apply the experiences, infrastructure and capabilities that it has developed as a company over the course of its own worldwide growth as a luxury fashion brand to support the growth of Jimmy Choo,” the statement added.

Jimmy Choo said, “a combination with Michael Kors would allow it to embark on the next phase of growth and provide opportunities for the benefit of customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.”

The group was founded 20 years ago by Malaysia-born Jimmy Choo and British socialite Tamara Mellon.

It became a household name after its shoes repeatedly featured on high-profile TV shows.

Ryanair Cancels Service in Ukraine

Ryanair Cancels Service in Ukraine
  • Jul 11, 2017
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Ryanair announced on July 10 that it cancels its planned entrance to Ukraine after the Kiev airport failed to comply with the agreement reached in March at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine with airport officials and the airport director, Mr Riabikin, according to the official statement.

“Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today (10 July) announced that it has cancelled its planned entry into Ukraine following Kiev airport’s failure to honour a growth agreement reached at the Ministry of Infrastructure with airport officials and the current Airport Director General, Mr Riabikin, in March of this year,” the airline said.

As we reported in April, Ryanair announced a launch of regular flights from the Kiev airport.

As the airline stated, the Kiev airport instead opted for the protection of airlines with high tariffs (including Ukraine International Airlines) which deprives Ukrainian consumers and visitors of access to the lowest fares in Europe and the widest network of routes. As a result, Ryanair has no choice but to cancel 4 new Kiev routes and 7 new Lviv routes, which will result in the loss of more than 500,000 passengers and 400 jobs, according to the statement.

Ryanair sincerely apologizes to many customers who booked flights with low prices to and from Ukraine, all of which will be contacted by e-mail and will be refunded for canceled flights.

Ryanair also said it will transfer this capacity to competing markets, such as Germany, Israel and Poland instead.

Amazon Wants To Store Goods In Underwater Warehouses

Amazon Wants To Store Goods In Underwater Warehouses
  • Jul 10, 2017
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The move shows that the ecommerce giant wants to build warehouses in water reservoirs, lakes etc., probably in order to reduce the storage expenses, reports with reference to Indian Times.

It should be recalled that in December the media revealed Amazon’s plans about drone deliveries from “airborne fulfillment centers,” and now it looks like the company plans to take its business underwater.

The patent filed by Amazon describes an underwater facility where goods will be stored in sealed containers.

According to the patent, each container will have a unique “acoustic signal”. When a certain sound is played, the system inflates a balloon attached to the package and the container goes up to the surface.

This system will dramatically reduce the time spent by employees or robots to collect items for each order.

However, there is no information if Amazon will implement the system in the near future.

Selena Gomez Tops Instagram’s Highest Earners List

Selena Gomez Tops Instagram’s Highest Earners List
  • Jul 7, 2017
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But how much do they really get when they post a picture that is clearly (or unclear) sponsored by a company? Celebrities’ posts on Instagram are sponsored and they receive a lot of money from them to share a picture, reports with reference to NewsMonkey.

But how much exactly?

The British Instagram tool Hopper published a rich list of the highest earning celebrities on Instagram based on their data. US singer Selena Gomez with 122 million followers tops the list, earning – $550,000 per post.



Публикация от Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

Kim Karadashian with 100 million followers earns $500,000 per post. The most paid man in the line is Cristiano Ronaldo, who has also posed in a pair of underpants of his own brand yesterday. He earns $400,000 per Instagram photo.

The Instagram payroll list of the stars:

Selena Gomez: 122 million followers – $550,000 per post

Kim Kardashian: 100 million followers – $500,000 per post

Cristiano Ronaldo: 104 million followers – $400,000 per post

Kylie Jenner: 95 million followers – $400,000 per post

Kendall Jenner: 81.7 million followers – $370,000 per post

Khloe Kardashian: 68 million followers – $250,000 per post

Kourtney Kardashian: 57.8 million followers – $250,000 per post

Cara Delevingne: 40.4 million followers – $150,000 per post

Gigi Hadid: 34.7 million followers – $120,000 per post

Lebron James: 30.7 million followers – $120,000 per post


Instagram announced in June that it had a new tool for easier identification of whether or not a post was sponsored. Instagram users can mention in the subtitle of their post using the paid partnership label that they are sponsored. With this move, Instagram wants to promote transparency. However, few ‘grammers’ use it. From Hopper’s data, it appears that only a fifth of sponsored posts are clearly indicated.

With 700 million active users a month, Instagram is the ideal way for companies to promote their products and services. The more followers, the higher the earnings. And you do not even need to be a celebrity, influencers also earn a lot of money on Instagram. The highest paid influencer in Hopper’s rich list is beauty blogger Huda Kattan has 20.5million followers and earns about $18,000 per post. The British YouTube star Zoella earns $14,000 per sponsored Instagram photo. So, if you want to earn a penny this summer, start an Instagram account.

Hackers Stole Millions Through South Korean Bitcoin Exchange

Hackers Stole Millions Through South Korean Bitcoin Exchange
  • Jul 5, 2017
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The hackers attacked Bithumb, a South Korean Bitcoin Exchange with thousands of users. The personal data of more than 30,000 customers were stolen through an employee’s private computer. The hack took place in February, but Bithumb discovered the digital burglary only on June 29th.

According to BraveNewCoin, a South Korean newspaper reported that one victim alone claimed that he lost “bitcoins worth 10 million won” instantly. One exchange member claimed that he had “1.2 billion won stolen.”

The South Korean authorities have already announced an investigation into the incident. Among other things, it is being examined how it could happen that the hack was discovered so late.

Read also: Someone in 2010 bought 2 pizzas with 10,000 bitcoins — which today would be worth $20 million

Paris Hilton Poses In Lingerie As She Launches New Fashion Lines

Paris Hilton Poses In Lingerie As She Launches New Fashion Lines
  • Jul 1, 2017
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Paris Hilton is launching her lingerie, homeware and footware lines, which she proudly announced via Instagram, according to HollywoodLife.


#Repost @parishilton (@get_repost) ・・・ The sun always envied the way she could light up a room…

Публикация от Paris Hilton Footwear (@parishiltonfootwear)

Paris captioned the post: “She’s all about mystery, adventure & risk. And her heart was wild & full of magic…” “Loving the ad campaign for my new #ParisHiltonHomeHomeware line rocking my new clothing line & @ParisHiltonFootwear,” she posted.  

  #Repost @parishilton (@get_repost) ・・・ She’s all about mystery, adventure & risk. And her heart was wild & full of magic… ✨✨   Публикация от Paris Hilton Footwear (@parishiltonfootwear)

“Loving the ad campaign for my new #ParisHiltonHomeHomeware line rocking my new clothing line & @ParisHiltonFootwear,” she posted.

According to FoxNews, Paris Hilton owns three hotels, 35 boutiques around the world, and is a product manufacturer who has launched everything from makeup to children’s wear. She also unveiled her 21st fragrance in February.  

#SquadGoals Публикация от Paris Hilton (@parishilton)

“I feel very lucky that I grew up in a family with amazing businessmen, with my father and my grandfather — they’ve always been such incredible mentors to me that I’ve looked up to,” she explained. “Just getting advice from my family and growing up with a business mindset, I think that’s what really made me the woman I am today and the entrepreneur that I’ve become.”

Hilton also added, “I feel like I accomplished so much already and I’m so proud of what I’ve done so far. I’m so excited to be following in my family’s footsteps and getting involved in real estate and opening up my own properties. Another area I’m really focusing on, the next step in my life, is working on different tech projects involving virtual reality and apps… just really innovative, and game-changing projects with the tech world. That’s one area I’m involved in now.”

Alibaba founder Jack Ma thinks people will work four hours a day soon

Alibaba founder Jack Ma thinks people will work four hours a day soon
  • Jun 22, 2017
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“I think in the next 30 years, people will only work four hours a day and maybe four days a week,” Ma said Tuesday during a CNBC interview at the Gateway ’17 Conference. “My grandfather worked 16 hours a day in the farmland and [thought he was] very busy. We work eight hours, five days a week and think we are very busy.”

The Chinese billionaire also addressed the rise of artificial intelligence, advocating that machines shouldn’t be made to replicate human behavior, according to Fortune magazine.

“I don’t think we should make machines like humans,” Ma said. “We should make sure the machine can do things that human beings cannot do.”

He ultimately believes humans will prevail over machines, saying, “humans will win.”

But he does believe technology could spark major problems, and even war. “The third technology revolution may cause the Third World War,” Ma told CNBC.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns under investor pressure

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns under investor pressure
  • Jun 21, 2017
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Kalanick’s departure caps a tumultuous period for the world’s largest ride-services company, which upended the taxi industry and transportation regulations globally with Kalanick at the helm, according to Reuters.

“I love Uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in my personal life I have accepted the investors’ request to step aside so that Uber can go back to building rather than be distracted with another fight,” Kalanick said in a statement first reported by the New York Times and verified by an Uber spokesman.

Kalanick, 40, has faced increased scrutiny in recent weeks following an investigation into the culture and workplace practices at a company he helped start in 2009 and is now the world’s most highly valued startup.

But it was a chorus of demands for changes at the top from some of Uber’s biggest investors that ultimately forced Kalanick out, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Venture capital firm Benchmark, whose partner Bill Gurley is one of Uber’s largest shareholders and sits on its board, as well as investors First Round Capital, Lowercase Capital, Menlo Ventures and Fidelity Investments, all pressed Kalanick to quit.

They delivered a letter to Kalanick while he was in Chicago, the New York Times reported, citing people with knowledge of the situation. The newspaper, which was first to report Kalanick’s resignation, said he would remain on Uber’s board.

Kalanick’s decision “was a surprise to everyone”, a second Uber spokesman said.

Kalanick’s departure comes after a lengthy investigation led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Uber hired Holder to look into its culture and workplace practices after a female former employee publicly accused the company of what she described as brazen sexual harassment.

Privately held Uber has been valued at $68 billion, shattering the norms for Silicon Valley startups, and the company embodied many of Kalanick’s aggressive and pugnacious personality traits.

Following the release of recommendations stemming from the Holder investigation, which called for increased controls and oversight at the company, Kalanick said last week he would take a leave of absence for an undetermined period.

He said he needed space to grieve the death of his mother, who died recently in a boating accident in which his father was also seriously injured, and to work on his leadership skills.

Gurley, one of Kalanick’s closest confidants, praised the CEO on Twitter, after calling for his resignation.

“There will be many pages in the history books devoted to @travisk – very few entrepreneurs have had such a lasting impact on the world,” Gurley wrote.