56-year-old woman has won a battle with leopard

She is a winner of the battle. 56-year-old resident of India experienced the worst event in her life. A leopard attacked her when she was going

Latest ATO News: about 15 thousand Russian army men fight in Ukraine

The Head of the Committee reported it on the Dozhd channel. According to her, it is hard to estimate the number of the Russian soldiers, since many

President Putin violated Constitution of Russian Federation and deserves impeachment – Nemtsov

This opinion was expressed by the Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov in his blog on "Echo of Moscow". He writes that the Russian military involvement in

Arseniy Yatsenyuk asked United States and Europe to freeze assets of Russian oligarchs

According to the Prime Minister, these preventive measures should curb Russian aggression towards Ukraine. He stated it on Thursday, during the signing of the Memorandum

Ebola virus: United States predict increased incidence rate

Africa will see epidemic recurrence very soon. It is reported by different foreign mass media organizations. In particular, it is reported that the director of the American Ministry of Health

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Divorce is a subtle ploy

Following Beyoncé's mother, claiming that the divorce of her daughter and rapper Jay-Z is out of the question, the father of the singer, Matthew

Zlata Ognevich presented new interpretation of Ukrainian national anthem

The Ukrainian pop singer could not stay away from the politics. In these challenging times, they are on opposite sides of the barricades: Ani Lorak tried to take the position between two fires,

Elections in Ukraine: election campaign in Verkhovna Rada started

The special elections to the Parliament, where the President Petro Poroshenko do not want to see pro-Russian forces, are scheduled for October 26. Today, August 28, the campaign is officially

Miley Cyrus posed naked for V magazine

The pop star Miley Cyrus always surprises people by their behavior. One of her latest tricks shocked the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards organizers. A homeless guy Jesse

Hollywood Actors: Jennifer Aniston is still pregnant

                          Hollywood actors do not sit idle. Recently, the most successful of them were awarded with the Emmy awards and now started their new projects. For example,