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NASA created self-healing material

self-healing material

The process begins when one or both of the polymer layers were punctured. Oxygen mixes with an ingredient found inside the gel called tributylborane. The research has been published in the journal ACS Macro Letters. This creates a reaction which ...

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New single-board computer for $ 15

Minicomputer Orange Pi PC

The popularity of single-board computer Raspberry Pi inspires the competitors, and they are constantly trying to make a similar device. Nevertheless, it is either expensive devices or already proven Raspberry Pi – $ 35. But now, there is a new ...

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Deadliest predator on planet Earth

Deadliest predator

A team of scientists from Canada has rated the most efficient predators in the world, according to The Daily Mail. Yeah, you probably guessed it right: it’s homo sapiens. The research report which appeared in the scientific journal Science, was conducted by ...

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