New York City police will not arrest for a joint

NYPD will stop arresting people who have a small amount of marijuana. It is reported by Reuters with reference to Police Commissioner Bill ...

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US will review strategy of fight with "Islamic state"

US President Barack Obama asked his aides in the field of national security to review the strategy to combat the terrorist organization ...

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China and the US agree on military cooperation

It is known that the countries agreed on strengthening and developing cooperation in the military sphere, reports. According to the ...

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Obama denies US involvement in Hong Kong protests

"I was unequivocal in saying to President Xi that the United States has no involvement in fostering the protest that took place ...

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American doctor free of virus

The doctor from the New York City, Craig Spencer, who was infected with Ebola in West Africa, is fully cured and discharged from the hospital. ...

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Czech Republic and Slovakia celebrate anniversary of Velvet Revolution

Today, the Czech Republic and Slovakia celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, when the protest on International ...

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Napoleon's hat sold for nearly 2 million euros

                        In Fontainebleau, ...

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Ebola vaccine tested on humans

For the first time, the medical experts from Canada and the United States tested the vaccine developed against Ebola on humans. The vaccine ...

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Summit of G20: Putin is ignored

"Attorney General George Brandis and Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove were seen a few meters from the runway, but they did not take a ...

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Scotland plans on new referendum on independence

                      Scotland can hold a new ...

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Google rents NASA airfield for scientific purposes

Google has rented NASA's Moffett Federal airfield in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay for 60 years. According to the American ...

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European Union not planning new sanctions against Russia – Merkel

It was announced by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the press conference in Berlin, reports UKRINFORM correspondent. "As I said, ...

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Obama in China for APEC Summit

Later today, Obama plans to deliver a speech on the importance of relationships between the US and Asia at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic ...

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Android co-founder leaves Google

Early last year, Andy Rubin left the position of head of the Android developers' team, the technology giant's robotics project. ...

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Facebook becomes payment system

Thus, the American student Andrew Aude included the function of remittances into the social network Facebook. It is reported that it can be run ...

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Polar Bear hunts fur seal

This video from BBC One looks like a real thriller. It has everything: the anxiety and fear, and even chase. And most importantly, it has an ...

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Funny video: father makes his son superhero with the help of computer graphics

This child is very lucky to have such a father. His loving dad, an animator at Dreamworks, is able to transform each home videos into a real ...

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Interesting Video: Putin becomes a doll

The Swiss master in creating mechanical dolls Christian Bailly developed and created a doll that is a copy of the President of the Russian ...

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How much are exclusive photos of paparazzi

For too open and shameless attention to stars' private life, paparazzi foredoom themselves not only to condescending treatment, but ...

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The Longest Pass-the-Butter Conversation Ever

Big Bang Theory is a kind of sitcom when intelligence is smartly mixed up with humor. One of the main characters of the show, Sheldon, is a child ...

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