Barack Obama sees only increased aggression against Ukraine in actions of Russia

U.S. President Barack Obama said that the Russian aggression against Ukraine was increasing, reports referring to the television ...

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U.S. ready to assist Ukraine in rehabilitation of soldiers from ATO area

According to Durbin, the United States is ready to share its experience in the sphere of psychological rehabilitation of soldiers, who ...

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U.S. to give Ukraine additional $ 18 million

Photo: The government of the United States will provide Ukraine with additional $ 18 million. It was announced by Simon ...

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U.S. Congress raises issue of granting Ukraine "normal" weapons again

The U.S. Congress has again declared the urgent need to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons. Bill Pascrell, one of the legislators known for ...

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Clinton goofing on Obama on his new Twitter

Clinton asked whether Obama's account called @POTUS (President of the United States – Ed.) would remain his after Obama leaving ...

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Patience exhausted: Moldova closes broadcasting of Russian TV channels

The Moldovan government has taken up the Russian propaganda on television. Coordination Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting of the ...

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Lithuania demands Russia to explain Zhirinovsky's another 'whimper' about 'retake of Vilnius'

Usackas said he asked Russia to express its official position regarding respect for the territorial integrity of Lithuania after the words of ...

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Senator McCain calls on FIFA to choose normal president who will deprive Russia of World Cup 2018

Republican Senator John McCain and Democrat Robert Menendez sent an open letter to the FIFA Congress urging to refrain from supporting Sepp ...

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NATO delegation promises to "strengthen practical support to defense cooperation"

According to Stamatopoulos, the alliance has achieved significant results in strengthening practical support to cooperation with Ukraine, but ...

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Elizabeth II promises that Britain will 'maintain pressure' on Russia until it begins to respect Ukraine

During her speech in the Parliament of Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth II said that her government would continue to put pressure on Russia to ...

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'Noble' Russia forgives $ 20 billion debt to its African friends

The Russian government has written off more than $ 20 billion of African debt, reports with reference to the Foreign ...

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IMF Mission to arrive in Ukraine to decide whether to give $ 17.5 billion

Hontareva reported that the official Ukrainian delegation in Washington held a meeting with the colleagues from the central banks of China, ...

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EU gives Ukraine € 110 million to support small and medium businesses

Within the 11-billion assistance package, the EU will provide Ukraine with € 110 million to support small and medium businesses. It is ...

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Ukraine has two influential oligarchs - Putin and his superior Pinchuk - expert

It is Russian President Vladimir Putin, who controls the bulk of Ukrainian millionaires and is the most powerful oligarch in Ukraine, ...

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Swiss experts explain why Ukrainian economy is not competitive

The business school noted that business climate, infrastructure and competence of regulatory structures in government remained the most weak ...

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Lilliputin: funny video of Putin awarding volleyball player

When it came to rewarding, everyone noticed that President Putin and his ambitions do not match his abilities, reports with reference ...

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Canadian airliner makes emergency landing because of old woman biting crew

An old woman flying first-class, shattered the calm, attacked a member of the crew and bit a steward, reports with reference to the ...

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Solar eclipse is a 'machination' of U.S. Department of State

As it is known, March 20, 2015, there took place the 61th solar eclipse of Saros 120. This eclipse was the largest in the last 16 years. ...

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Photos of "melting" cats

We always have fun and cheer up looking at the funny photos of cats. We got used to the fact that these pets are very funny and cunning but ...

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Green cat on the streets of Bulgarian city of Varna becomes world celebrity

The animal lives on the streets of Varna recently visited by many photographers and casual onlookers. The photos of this green cat spread all ...

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