Obama not to attend Moscow Victory Parade

U.S. President Barack Obama rejected the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin to attend the Victory Day parade in Moscow due to ...

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What can Hillary Clinton give to Ukraine

Americans' opinions about this candidate vary completely, but there is one thing everyone agrees with – if it comes to foreign ...

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White House comments on Putin's statement during "direct line": Russia remains an aggressor

Ernest was asked what the White House thought of the statement made by Russian President Vladimir Putin wanting the West treating Russia as an ...

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U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine says what U.S. will do if Russia derails Minsk agreements

U.S. authorities will increase the level of economic pressure on the Russian Federation, in the event of derailment of the Minsk arrangements, ...

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Obama to remove Cuba from list of terrorism supporters

Barack Obama addressed the U.S. Congress with an initiative to remove Cuba from the national list of countries-accessories to international ...

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Polish intelligence afraid of Russian aggression

Koziej made such a statement in the air of the Polish television channel, reports. "In the face of the ambitious maneuvers ...

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Court refuses to dismiss Savchenko's case

It is reported by referring to the pilot's attorney Nicholai Polozov and his message on Twitter. "Judge Levashova refused ...

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OSCE Mission catches relation between its presence and fighters' activity in Shyrokine: observers want to establish constant observation

Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE in Ukraine announced the possibility of setting 24-7 surveillance in the area of ​​ Shyrokine, the ...

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Plane carrying President of Serbia has engine failure

Tomislav Nikolic had to come to the Vatican with an official visit, but after an hour of flight the government Falcon 50 jet, flying at 10 ...

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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov hints: militants will not observe Minsk agreements

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Ukraine "set unrealistic conditions to start the process of withdrawal of heavy weapons ...

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Russia does not strengthen ruble on purpose, it is not profitable – expert

Russian does not even try to raise its national currency in price, writes Matt O'Brien, a columnist at Washington Post. In his opinion, ...

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EU allocates 1.8 billion euro assistance to Ukraine

The relevant document was signed by President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz and Zanda Kalnina-Lukasevica, Parliamentary State ...

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Russia not to supply Europe with gas via Ukraine after 2019

According to him, now the Russian Federation makes every effort to implement the construction of the gas transport system on the border of ...

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Europe demands Russia to pay debts of Crimea

Russian occupation of Ukraine is not traceless for Russia. The Cyprus offshore company DRGN Ltd raised a claim against the Russian Federation ...

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Russia fears sanctions and decides to give Ukraine discounted gas

Russian Gazprom is going to supply Ukraine with discounted gas in order to avoid toughening of sanctions, Tyzhden reports with reference to ...

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Canadian airliner makes emergency landing because of old woman biting crew

An old woman flying first-class, shattered the calm, attacked a member of the crew and bit a steward, reports with reference to the ...

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Solar eclipse is a 'machination' of U.S. Department of State

As it is known, March 20, 2015, there took place the 61th solar eclipse of Saros 120. This eclipse was the largest in the last 16 years. ...

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Photos of "melting" cats

We always have fun and cheer up looking at the funny photos of cats. We got used to the fact that these pets are very funny and cunning but ...

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Green cat on the streets of Bulgarian city of Varna becomes world celebrity

The animal lives on the streets of Varna recently visited by many photographers and casual onlookers. The photos of this green cat spread all ...

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Incredible resemblance of ordinary passersby to celebrities

We have collected the photos of people resembling the stars of movie and music industry. When a usual, unknown man is very similar to Adolf ...

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